Quotation and planning.

The company’s business is differentiated and ranges from the simple provision of services for the construction of machinery in the workshops of different customers, to the complete turnkey assembly of machines / systems for third parties, to the supply of qualified personnel for the installation of single units or complete lines for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

To complete this offer in the best way, the company structure has been enriched and completed to provide an efficient and effective planning service.

The company is able to support the customer from the preliminary inspections of the site for the definition of the systems, to the assistance in the compilation of the supply specifications and consequently the development of plans and drawings, even in 3D, of entire production lines, and in particular the distribution lines, with drawing up of drawings and material lists for general and individual users.

Thanks to our fortnightly experience in installations, the company is able to provide an all- round service ranging from the laying of utility / product distribution lines, to mechanical positioning / assembly and electrical wiring (incl. I / O test)

STEEL-tech also proposes itself to the customer as a designer and graphic designer for the development of calculations, drawings, layouts, P&ID and layout of piping.

The availability of qualified technicians, FEM calculation software and 2D and 3D CAD programs therefore allow the customer to find within STEEL-tech an innovative solution, even turnkey, for all your needs.

In general the viable solutions for the realization of the Product can be:

  • Product Specification prepared by STEEL-tech
  • Design and Product Specification prepared by STEEL-tech
  • Product Specification provided by the Customer
  • Project and Product Specification prepared by the Customer





To meet the demand for speed and flexibility, STEEL-tech has organized an internal purchasing office, which, in addition to ordinary management, deals with the purchase of materials and components necessary for the assembly of third party machines.

This new service is gradually taking on an increasingly important role in the business, covering around 30% of turnover.

From October 2011 an automated warehouse is operational in order to make the management of materials / components in stock, ever more efficient and simplified.

STEEL-tech independently manages packaging and shipment spare parts able to satisfy even the most urgent requests, offering an effective and high quality service.

Based on seven workshops for pre-assembly and final assembly of third-party machines and on an internal welding department, STEEL-tech is able to provide a contemporary service to several customers, managing to guarantee maximum security and privacy to each one.

The main workshop is structured to carry out blank tests of the various process systems. To ensure maximum quality, piping can be passivated or electro-polished.

Our departments are equipped with machines for the execution of extrusions and automatic bending of the tube, technologies that allow to create very high quality systems, minimizing the number of welds, therefore the risk of possible areas of accumulation of dirt and microbes.

Each assembly phase is carried out by qualified personnel and, at the end of the work, the relative quality certification can be provided which our staff performs using alloy detectors (to guarantee the quality of the raw material used) and digital borescopes for inspection of the welding.


Pre-assembly & assembly.


Control & Final testing.

The “Fabrication Plan Control (FPC)” defines each step of the STEEL-tech process, in particular:

  • The Controls are carried out constantly “Work in Progress” sanctioning the passage from one phase to another;
  • The checks are performed by highly qualified and certified personnel;
  • The Controls are registered by constituting the Technical File at the end of the Manufacture;
  • Final Testing with or without the Customer during Free Acceptance Test (FAT) or Pre-Delivery Inspection(PDI) and with the intervention of Notified Bodies sanctions the final validation of the project 100% certified by STEEL-tech;
  • The Certification of Conformity and Marking that has been requested by the Customer and / or is binding by law (see Cert. Plants, CE, PED, etc.) is issued and attached to the product

Controls are performed with cutting-edge tools for the sector including:


  1. Material analyzers for steel and alloys in general
  2. Boroscopic instruments for investigations and Non-Destructive Testing (CND) in machines and plants
  3. Any other specific measuring instrument (see Calipers, Cambridge, Micrometers, thickness gauges, etc.)

The measuring instruments are calibrated and calibrated periodically as indicated by the Company Quality System.

To meet the growing number of requests for “turnkey” collaborations, in addition to the supply of materials and labor, the company has signed commercial partnerships with leading companies in the packaging and shipping sector. Currently the company can prepare every single unit built internally for shipping and can organize delivery anywhere in the world.

These collaborations allow us to lighten our customers from the management of these operational phases with a single contact able to organize the whole process, guaranteeing quality, timing and flexibility.

The overall management of a project allows STEEL-tech to be competitive at every stage with the possibility of planning the various operational activities, optimizing non-value added times by improving flows and efficiencies between the various performers

All this minimizes the risks guaranteeing the final success of a project.


Packaging and shipment.


On-site installations.

STEEL-tech, born to provide personnel and expertise to our customers, continues to focus most of its activity in this service.

The continuous development of planning and control methods for construction activities and the greater needs of the market have led the company to form a group of supervisors who, if necessary, can manage local staff teams and / or, where possible, internal staff.

For years, the company has concentrated its energies on training and managing teams dedicated to mechanical positioning and electrical wiring both of single units and complete lines.

The installation teams are specifically multi-functional to allow the minimization of the number of people involved maximizing, on the other hand, efficiency and the effectiveness of coordination between the individual phases