STEEL-tech owns the complete series of extrusion machines.
It uses T-Drill technology, with a worldwide patent in the field of extrusion.

Extrusion is a fundamental process in plant building  engineering to avoid welding, speed up time, optimize the final product.

Through the extrusion the welding process is skipped avoiding any possibility of pollution.

STEEL-tech’s T-Drill machine serie

  1. T-Drill with numerical control.
    Extrusions from a minimum of 28 mm to a maximum of 254 mm. Suitable for mass production but also for dedicated pieces. STEEL-tech is the national leader in the supply of this type of service for third parties.
  2.   T-Drill manual series.
    These machines have the characteristic of being transportable allowing the STEEL-tech to make extrusions directly on site with diameters ranging from a minimum of 18 mm to a maximum of 114 mm.

One of our achievements :

T-DRILL TEC-150 automatico

T-DRILL T-65SS portatile