STEEL-tech makes experience and training the basic principles for the preparation of its own men, experienced welders and young boys are constantly alternated between building site activities and construction of machines in the workshop so as to be always updated on new work methods, informed on particular methods required by the various customers and trained in the field of safety and work in accordance with current regulations.


STEEL-tech, despite having a constantly renewed welding park, checks the calibration of its machines every six months to guarantee the current values ​​used, so as to guarantee compliance with the specifications shared with individual customers to meet acceptable limits and guarantee the required quality standard when ordering


STEEL-tech welders are formed according to UNI EN ISO 15614, UNI EN 288-4, UNI EN ISO 15613, UNI EN 287, UNI EN 9606 and UNI EN 1418 standards. They are licensed with certificates issued by the Italian Institute of Welding.


STEEL-tech takes care of every detail related to the quality of its finished product, for this reason it guarantees the use of ARGON PURE for welding, with an oxygen residual index of 0.099%, this combined with the use of oxygen residuals all The inside of the tubes during the welding preparation phase guarantees a finished product without residues and without imperfections.

The same accuracy is used in preparing the tubes before the welding phase with cuts always performed with orbital cutters, in order to guarantee ideal couplings on the entire circumference to welded.


This working method used constantly in the internal workshops is increasingly being replicated also for the activities that take place on building site, where thanks to the use of portable cutters and extruders, it is possible to guarantee uniformity with what was built and welded in the workshop, also for this reason STEEL-tech METHOD has always gathered more positive opinions until it has become an easily identifiable trademark on the plants produced by our company