Endoscopic examination of welds, or as more commonly called “boroscopy”, is a non-destructive check performed on welds to check their quality and intercept any defects that could generate contamination, cracks, porosity and in some cases breakage complete welding with consequent serious mechanical problems on the piece performed.

The “Boroscopy” is performed as a good rule on all the productions of STEEL-tech; in the case of specific requests to customers, complete reports can be prepared with photographs and traceability of welds performed with video and complete three-dimensional analysis saved on each type of digital storage device.


STEEL-tech makes its own the ASME B31.3 and ASME BPE regulations for the procedures to be followed for the acceptability of the product, but it can also support its customers for productions where the reference standards are different, provided this is requested in the phase of order, going from time to time to define if and which controls are necessary, the percentage of welds to be checked and which are the reference regulations.


in 2016 STEEL-tech has increased its range of borescopes, combining the new technologies of GE MEASUREMENT by purchasing the products of the MENTOR VISUAL IQ line.