STEEL-tech includes among its machines a powerful and ductile AUTOMATIC PIPE BENDER, able to work stainless steel pipes with absolute precision, without deforming the profile or damaging its surface.


The machine can be used for the construction of more or less complex pipes in which, with an appropriated design, it is possible to reduce the number of welds and proportionally increase the quality by eliminating part of the criticalities related to welding and processing residues.



Ideal for the serial production of piping sets, it can also be used for the production of a few pieces, even on a drawing prepared by the customer, which will be found in STEEL-tech a complete service also for the supply of the material, and, where required, also for special surface finishes like micro shot blasting, polishing, satin finishing and vibrating.


The ductility of the system has made it an important tool for many design creators who are able to exploit the full potential of this machine, giving shape to objects with creative and modern forms.


The standard BLM 880VGP machine can work various UNI measurements from a minimum DN of DN20 to a maximum of DN65 and a series in inches from 3/4 “to 2.5”