The orbital welder guarantees the precision of welding thanks to the numerical insertion through an electronic display.
It uses different programs for different tube sizes with a diameter range from 20 mm to 168 mm.


Orbital welding makes possible to produce pieces in series, identical to each other, with high quality standards and a yield compared to manual welding of about 30% more and a scrap index of less than 1%.


Thanks to pre-set programs, the automatic welders allow homogeneous production even though different operators are used, guaranteeing 100% penetration and welding with high level metallurgical and mechanical characteristics.

STEEL-tech provides on its departments of various automatic machines and combines this technology with the preparation of targeted joints, the cutting of preparation is performed only with orbital cutters and the welds are performed continuously monitoring the concentration of sytems, thanks to analyzers of residual oxygen that complete each of our work stations to allow operators to carry out their activities in the best conditions


STEEL-tech has been embracing POLYSOUDE technology for years, always paying attention to novelties and new methodologies. below the video of one of our welders during the welding of a feeding tube of a bottling machine with one of our orbital sladatrici.