STEEL-tech is today equipped with a series of portable spectrometers that allow it to provide the alloy analysis service

Portable spectrometers exploit the principle of X-ray fluorescence dispersive energy, commonly called XRF technology. By applying this technology I am able to quickly determine the elemental composition of:

  • Metal alloys and precious metals
  • Sludge and liquid samples
  • Plastics
  • Metals in paints
  •  Coating measurements

More than thirty elements can be analyzed simultaneously by detecting the characteristic X-ray fluorescence emitted by the sample being analyzed, from Magnesium to Uranium.

Each of the elements present in the sample under analysis produces a characteristic X-ray response, like a fingerprint of the element.

The instruments used are from the SIRIO ANALITIX NITON Series, the figure below shows the simplified operation of the Niton analyzer at the subatomic level.